Naturelle 2000 Pillow Top

The Naturelle 2000 Pillow Top mattress offers a Pillow Top layer filled with Natural Wool to give that extra comfort that you deserve. The mattress is covered with high quality knitted fabric to help you sleep peacefully through the night, and is also hand tufted for durability.

An additional Pillow Top layer, which is exquisitely stitched, enhances the comfort. With high count Pocket Springs that are individually nested, you are sure to have a very relaxed sleep. The Pocket Springs work independently. This makes sure that all your body parts are equally supported in order to avoid unequal weight distribution when you lie down or move on the mattress.


• Pillow Top Box

• Natural Wool Fillings

• Airflow Pillow Top Border

• Available in a Range of Designs for Bespoke Orders

• Chrome Glides and Link Bars

• Mattress Height 11”



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